Ife International Film Festival



The 3rd Ife International Film Festival, September, 2012

November 29 - December 2, 2012


THEME: Celebrating the Ife Film School



Obafemi Awolowo University has made a great impact on the film industry in Africa. Right from the days of the old Institute of African Studies, film had played a very prominent role in the University. Films were produced by Frank Speed in the 70s, with the themes of performance and entertainment, Professor Wole Soyinka also made his very important film, Blues for a Prodigal in 1984, while he was lecturing in the University. The beautiful architecture and flowers of OAU have also inspired many film producers to use it as the location of choice for shooting their films. It is also important to note that our Department of Dramatic Arts has trained many generations of dramatists who have become major contributors – as actors, actresses, producers, directors, etc. – to the International film community. As a matter of fact, many of our alumni and alumnae have won awards for their films - Mahmood Alli-Balogun, Niji Akanni, Niyi Coker’s films have won many awards, the most recent being "Pennies for the Boatman" which won best film script at the Madrid International Film Festival. In the aftermath of the Madrid award "Pennies for the Boatman" has now secured worldwide distribution deal from prominent UK distribution "A1 Pictures Ltd". Toyin Ogundeji also won best costumier at the AMA awards in 2010. This year’s edition is designed to foster the idea of an ‘Ife film School’, which new-comers would aspire to be a part of, and the old-timers would be proud to be associated with.


The theme chosen for the 3rd Ife International Film Festival, Celebrating the Ife Film School, is of particular importance in that it falls within the year of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Obafemi Awolowo University. With this in mind, we are of the opinion that the Ife Film School has come of age and it should be submitted to both critical and academic rigour, with the view to documenting, through academic publications, activities of the Ife Film School. The Ife Film School comprises both the trainers and the trained – those lecturers that taught students the art of filmmaking while making films themselves, as well as the students who trained under them and have been involved in various aspects of filmmaking.


We invite panel and paper proposals that address the theme and the following sub-themes:


Historical Value of the Ife Film School

Thematic construct of the Ife Film School

Film Genres of the Ife Film School

Aesthetics of the Ife Film School                                          

The Ife Film School, Politics and Ideology

The Ife Film School and the Nigerian Socio-Cultural Milieu


Behind and in Front of the Camera: Female Presence in the Ife Film School

The Ife Film School and the Youth Question


Articles are also welcome on all other topics and current issues relating to the Ife Film School.



Submission Deadlines:


Submission of Abstracts:      October 30, 2012

Submission of Film Entries: October 30, 2012

Submission of Full Papers:   November 15, 2012


Enquiries and submissions should be directed to:

Prof. (Mrs.) Foluke Ogunleye

Department of Dramatic Arts

P. O. Box 1904

Obafemi Awolowo University

Ile-Ife, Nigeria

e-mail: ifefilmfestival@gmail.com


  • Details of previous editions of the Ife Film Festival can be found at:


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